Ford Truck Finds: Five Cool Things We Found in the FTE Marketplace

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Circa 1972 Ford F-Series Cab

Looking for a special part or a classic ride? Our marketplace might have just what you’re looking for.

Okay, we might be biased, but we think the Ford-Trucks Marketplace is a great place for finding all manner of truck items. Looking through the marketplace, we found our readers have posted a lot of cool things. From a new project, to replacement parts, to odds and ends that make your truck (or your home) a haven for all things Blue Oval. Here’s five posts we found in the marketplace that we might just add to our shopping list.

1996 Ford F-150

1996 Ford F-150

If you’re looking for a 1990s F-150 prior to its shift to a more car-like design, this 1996 Ford F-150 can do no wrong. The owner says the truck used to belong to Pacific Power in Washington state, and has done everything to make it a reliable “drive and tow anywhere rig.” A nice looking truck at a really good price. Definitely give this back boy a look.

1978 Ford 300 CI Emission Stickers

1978 Ford 300 CID Emission Decals

If you are restoring a ’78 with the 300 CID V8, why not tie it all together with a set of these 1978 Ford 300 CID Emission Decals on the valve covers? The seller says they should work for any non-emissions HD 300. If authenticity is what your project needs, then you should check these out.

1974 Ford F-250 2WD Rolling Chassis

1974 F-250 2WD Rolling Chassis

Speaking of projects, here’s the foundation you might need to get your build off the ground. This 1974 F-250 2WD Rolling Chassis is complete and solid as a rock, from the Twin I-Beam front suspension to the fuel tank and wiring. All it needs is some TLC…well, and and a cab and bed.

1953 Ford F-100 Project

1953 Ford F-100

Got some time on your hands? Here’s a project with your name on it. This 1953 Ford F-100  is currently in pieces, though the current owner says the chassis is 100 percent complete with new parts. The best part is that the truck is rust-free, and just needs some scrubbing down to remove years of dirt and dust. This could be one hot build.

Circa 1972 Ford F-Series Cab

Ford F-Series Cab Circa 1972 

Need a cab to tie your fifth-generation project all together? This Ford F-Series Cab Circa 1972 works for a 1968-1972 F-Series truck could be the missing piece. The cab appears to be in relatively good shape, with only some surface rust to sand away before priming.

What is your dream find when you scan the marketplace? Let us know in the comments!

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