2011 Ford Super Duty Live Drive PTO

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2011 Ford Super Duty trucks will newly feature the Live Drive PTO, a power take-off feature previously included with the heavy-duty Dodge Ram 3500. Live Drive PTO allows you to power a snowplough, cement mixer or even a generator using the power of the engine channelled through the Super Duty truck’s 6R140 TorqShift 6-speed transmission while on the move and stopping. Previously operators using PTO to power a piece of equipment that came to a stop would have PTO shut off on them when the TorqShift transmission’s torque converter disengaged during idle. Live Drive PTO keeps the power on constantly since the power comes directly from the powerplant, even if the torque converter is locked down and increases the usefulness of this feature. The amount of power Live Drive can bleed off of the engine will be limited when the Super Duty truck is in motion to 150 ft lbs of torque and 250ft lbs when the truck is in park.

The new Live Drive PTO is an optional feature on all F-250 to F-550 Super Duty Ford trucks running the 6.7 litre diesel, but presently Ford has no plan to use Live Drive PTO with the new 6.2 litre gas V-8. Could we see Live Drive PTO appear with the new gas engine in the future? No word has come down from Ford, yet, but if Live Drive PTO is a success with 2011 Super Duty truck owners, expect to see Ford implement Live Drive PTO in their new 6.2-litre gas powered engine in the future.

What tasks do/would you use the Live Drive PTO for? Does this features now make the Super Duty a perfect fit for your work? Are you disappointed that it will not be featured in the gas engine version?

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