2011 Ford Super Duty Hill Descent Control

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A Ford trucks first, and one of the best changes to the Super Duty line in 2011, will be its ability to easily handle going downhill on rough terrain. How? The 2011 Ford Super Duty will use its new hill descent control system. Comparable to the system that was introduced in the 2010 Ford F150 SVT Raptor, both use the ABS to keep the speed under control during descents rather than the driver, the foot, and his brakes. This makes driving a little easier as you now only have to worry about not hitting something.

The speed of your descent will be set by pushing a button mounted on the console with the 2011 Super Duty trucks and the Driver Information Center will both display your readiness to go and audibly indicate when the truck is ready with a chime. At this point easing off the brake will result in the hill descent control system taking over control and beginning the descent at a controlled rate. Kind of like low-speed cruise control that you can adjust with the throttle and brake.

How useful will this be for your line of work?

Everything from technical issues on your ABS to installing it, find the info here!

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