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The 2011 Ford Super Duty trucks will ride down the road with a lot of new ideas in the future that will make them faster and more efficient in many different situations. One of the most interesting and innovative changes is an electronic locking rear differential, comparable to the GKN-made e-locker included with the F-150 FX4 off-road package and even the SVT Raptor. Designed and developed by Ford, the new e-locker for the 2011 Super Duty trucks will be made by the people at the Sterling Axle plant and only available for F-Series Super Duty trucks with a single wheel in the rear.

The new e-locker is controlled using a dash switch that makes it easy and quick to implement when needed. Best used during low friction road conditions, like water-covered ramps, muddy roads and icy conditions, the new e-locker stays engaged until a Super Duty truck achieves 30 mph and then disengages until 30 mph is attained again. The e-locker also disengages if it senses through the steering wheel that you’re making a very tight turn, which prevents the rear wheels and tires being damaged by the harder pavement during the turn.

The 2011 Super Duty is shaping up nicely, at least from an innovation standpoint. How do you like the sound of this "e-locker"? Been waiting for something like this? Is it added incentive to grab the Super Duty when it comes out? Or are you still not sold?

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