2011 Ford Edge Overview

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The 2011 Ford Edge is a compact crossover SUV that features a wide array of different specifications and changes over the previous models of this vehicle. The Edge is one of Ford’s most popular vehicles in the crossover SUV class. Read on for a listing of some of the most pertinent features of this interesting vehicle and for some additional sneak peaks at what Ford will be introducing in the newest model o the Edge line.

Changes from Previous Models

While the 2011 Ford Edge retains much of the design mentality from previous models of the car, it nonetheless is a unique vehicle with a distinctive look and feel. Namely, the prominent front grille of the car has been changed slightly, and other elements on the exterior have been modified and given a new, sleek look. This won’t alter the total appearance of the vehicle significantly, but it certainly will provide the Edge with a bit of a rejuvenating touch.

Inside of the car, the Edge of 2011 is very much like the recent models of this vehicle.

Interior Specs

The 2011 Ford Edge will have the same spacious and roomy interior that previous models of this vehicle did. The Edge has room for four passengers comfortably in addition to the driver, and there’s ample room for cargo and luggage in the rear of the vehicle as well. If you’re looking to transport larger quantities of luggage, or if your cargo is too large to fit behind the seat, you can also easily lower the seat or remove it entirely to allow for additional storage space as well.

The 2011 Ford Edge has a 3.5 liter capacity engine with V6 capabilities. The design of the engine is with twin cams and fully independent variable cam timing. This allows for a smooth ride at all times, and plenty of power to push the car up any hill or slope, regardless of the quantity of cargo or the number of passengers inside. The vehicle gets 305 horsepower at maximum capacity, so it’s plenty powerful given its size.

Additional Factors

The Ford Edge has long been a popular alternative to Ford’s larger SUV models, partly because of the excellent gas mileage that it gets in comparison with these other vehicles. The 2011 model of the Ford Edge is no exception, and many people will be sure to buy it over larger vehicles for this reason. The 2011 version will get 18 miles per gallon in the city and 25 in the highway, which is comparable with many smaller vehicles. The price is also a major draw for some; the baseline price of a standard Ford Edge for the 2011 model year is $28,000, which is substantially lower than many of Ford’s SUVs. Trim options that include all wheel drive and other amenities are generally several thousand dollars more expensive; consult with your Ford dealer for more information.

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