Review of the 2011 Ford Edge

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2011 ford edge review


With the 2011 Ford Edge, the American auto maker continues to provide popular style for this smaller crossover option. A new redesign for the model year provides an updated exterior style, with a big grille and enhanced taillights. There’s also more of the modern convenience that today’s shoppers look for in new additions to the factory line.

New systems like Ford’s “Sync” system for connecting cell phones and personal devices, and an in-dash navigation system, have debuted in recent model years. The 2011 Ford Edge continues this custom, introducing a “myFord” touch screen system, where Ford tries to clean up the dashboard, offering new innovative controls for the modern driver. Ford has also dealt with an issue that keeps cropping up around the vehicle’s interior, which some critics said used some “substandard” materials in previous model years. The 2011 Ford Edge has a neat, classy look, adding to the appeal of this efficient SUV crossover.

Power and Performance

In the area of engine power, Ford is trying something new with the 2011 Ford Edge. This model year presents Ford’s brand new EcoBoost engine option, part of a range of power choices that 2011 Ford Edge buyers can select from. Power in the 2011 model year starts with a base V6 engine, with the 2011 Ford Edge Sport trim boasting slightly more powerful 3.7L V6. However, there’s also the option outfit the 2011 Edge with a turbo four-cylinder EcoBoost block that delivers the power of the V6 with a smaller footprint and better fuel economy. This unusual design is something Ford can offer for those shoppers who are looking for an ample vehicle without the higher fuel costs associated with this kind of market segment.

Safety Gear

Safety is built into the 2011 Ford Edge, although Ford makes it exceedingly difficult to look up specific safety features for this model. There’s plenty of basic safety engineering put into the base model and other trims. There’s even a rollover sensor, carried over from previous model years, that helps a lot with any vehicles that have a higher center of gravity than, say, a ground-hugging economy sedan. From airbags to antitheft systems, buyers can look for more standard safety and this crossover model in order to consider its use as a dependable family vehicle. The included safety gear is also useful for looking at competitive theft and collision risk ratings that can affect ownership costs, for example, in insurance policy calculations for this ride.

Overall, the 2011 Ford Edge promises to be an exciting choice for this year’s crowd of shoppers looking for multi-passenger vehicles for the family, for commuting, or for other household uses. This delightful model can be a solution for families who want a gas-saving ride without compromising on size and style.

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