2011 Ford Escape Overview

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The Ford Escape is a compact crossover SUV that has been in existence for nearly a decade. Ford has been reluctant to change the design strategy on this popular vehicle for several years, and the 2011 model will be no different. However, expect some massive redesigns and retooling of the engine and chassis for the 2012 model, according to Ford sources. For the meantime, however, the 2011 model of the Ford Escape will only feature minor body changes from previous models of the car, and will not feature any engine alterations whatsoever. Read on for a brief overview of the 2011 Ford Escape.

Changes from Previous Models

The design of the grille, front fascia and headlamps have changed very slightly between the 2010 and the 2011 models of the Ford Escape. Fortunately, these changes are generally seen as improvements on the otherwise excellent exterior of this vehicle. Many people have commented to Ford that they would like to see the spacing of the wheels adjusted slightly in order to improve the traction and the handling of the vehicle; these designs are being saved for the 2012 model of the vehicle.


The Ford Escape for the 2011 model year will feature the same engine as the 2010 model did. This 3 liter V6 engine is small in comparison with SUVs and even with some other crossover SUVs, and the issue that many people have had with the Escape being a bit too weak for the size of the body and the weight of the car will likely persist. However, the Escape still gets excellent gas mileage in comparison with most other Ford vehicles, and sports a rating that rivals even some fully hybrid cars.

The Escape comes in a standard rear wheel drive model, and a trim option is available with all wheel drive. Depending upon engine modifications that you can get, the horsepower rating is 171 to 240.

Price and Other Considerations

The Ford Escape is available in a hybrid model that has additional features, including excellent gas mileage. This model is available in two different trim types, a standard hybrid and a deluxe hybrid type that has additional amenities. Depending upon whether you choose the hybrid or the standard model and the different luxury add ons that you include with your Ford Escape, the price ranges anywhere from a baseline of around $23,000 up to a maximum MSRP of roughly $34,125.

The Ford Escape will be released along with the other 2011 models of Ford’s line of products in fall of this year. Many people are considering waiting on purchasing a new Escape, however, because the 2012 model is likely to have some dramatic changes in style and design that will feature a great many perks and benefits over the 2010 and the 2011 models. If possible, it’s probably best to wait for this upcoming vehicle instead.

Ask a Ford dealer for more information about the Escape and any other specs and features on this vehicle.

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