1988 Ford F-150: A Matter of Pride and Joy

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1988 Ford F-150

Some may question why we love old, dented up trucks like this Ford F-150. But to us, there’s no doubting why.

We all know the feeling. Whether it be the first time or the thirteenth time, picking up a new (to you) Ford truck is like nothing else. It doesn’t matter if it’s a total rust bucket, running or not, or brand new and shiny. You worked hard to save up the cash to get this thing, and now it’s yours. Now is the time to make plans to work on it, and most importantly, show it off to the world. So you can’t blame Reddit user u/whatsligma for doing just that with his short bed, regular cab 1988 Ford F-150.

These days, you don’t see many pickups like this one, after all. Super Crews have taken over, offering us the space to haul four or five people and a big screen TV. But back in the day, we didn’t use trucks to haul around our small families. We used them to work, and it’s pretty clear that this Ford F-150 has done plenty of that in its lifetime.

There are lots of dents and dings, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Those are just bits of character, build up after years of work and faithful service. Kind of like the OP’s dog in the picture. Both of them are always by your side, never letting you down. Well, except maybe that one time when he left a “present” for you on the carpet.

Those who don’t appreciate old pickups would probably wonder why anyone would be so proud of a “beat up” Ford F-150. But you don’t have to explain the allure to us. In our book, trucks like this ’88 are gems that need to be kept alive and out of scrap yards. Because they’re important pieces of history that, if cared for properly, still have a lot to give!

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