Fresh Meat: ’94 F-150 Benefits from a Beefy Wheel Swap

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Fresh Meat: '94 F-150 Benefits From a Wheel Swap

When it comes to improving the looks of an older Ford truck, the devil is in the details.

One of the hidden costs of any restoration is that the trim that looked “pretty nice” or “good enough” on an older vehicle suddenly looks like garbage as soon as a fresh paint job is applied. This means that new trim is necessary so as not to bring down the vehicle’s appearance, and prices for those small bits add up fast.

We’ve often wondered if the inverse is true. Will cleaning up the trim on a slightly tired older car make a dramatic visual improvement?

Our question was answered on reddit, on the r/fordtrucks subreddit. User whatsligma (not falling for that one, buddy) has a pretty clean-looking ’94 F-150 single cab. We’re a big fan of how those trucks look, and with the slab-sided bed combined with the red paint, we’re reminded just a bit of the first-gen SVT Lightning. We’re big fans of those around these parts.

Unfortunately, the overall appearance of his truck was let down but some less-than-stellar rolling stock. White steel wagon wheels are just about perfect on any older farm truck, but when they start to rust, it really shows. It makes the whole package look kind of ratty.

All it took to make this F-150 look great again was a fresh set of wagon wheels wrapped with raised white letter tires.  It might seem like a slight exaggeration to call it a total transformation, but it is quite a dramatic visual improvement on a truck that was pretty darn nice to begin with.

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