1987 Ford Ranger Commercial is Chock Full of 80’s Goodness

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1987 ranger commercial

The 1980s were a crazy time in America and this 1987 Ford Ranger commercial is a reminder of what was normal back then. This Ranger commercial is so flamboyantly upbeat that it is practically impossible to sit through the whole thing without cracking a smile at the cheesiness – from the clothes that people are wearing, to the overly exciting jingle playing in the backdrop to the feats being performed by the compact Ranger pickup.

In addition to watching the 1987 Ford Ranger pickup partaking in some off-roading fun in the sand and through some water, we get to see that the compact pickup is a great vehicle for a date between two people with big 80’s hair. Also, if you want to hang out with your buddy who has a jet ski and you only have a Ford Ranger, you can blast down the beach as your friend enjoys his jet ski.

Crank up your speakers to get the full 80’s impact and prepare to jam along with this Ranger commercial.


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