TRUCKIN’ FAST Wicked Ford Ranger-Super Duty PowerStroke Duel

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ranger super duty duel

This week’s Truckin’ Fast video features a battle between a pair of very different Ford trucks – one being a Ranger and the other being a Super Duty – both of which are powered by monster PowerStroke diesel engines.

There are no details on either of these trucks, but even before the race begins, it is very clear that neither of these trucks are anywhere near stock.

The Ford Ranger in the far lane is one of the most sinister looking small pickups I have seen with huge, fat tires out back and what appears to be the engine poking through the hood. At first, it isn’t clear what is under the hood, but when it begins to spew thick, black diesel soot from the stack in the hood – it becomes evident that this wicked Ford Ranger is packing diesel power.

The Ford Super Duty in the near lane is a little less obvious than the Ranger, but with a set of big tires and a custom hood, this short bed/short cab Ford pickup looks like it is prepared for battle. Like the Ranger, this bigger Ford pickup smokes hard before the launch and when the green light drops – both trucks roar away from the line.

In the end, the Ranger runs an amazing 10.18 while the Super Duty runs an equally impressive 10.97. Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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