BFGoodrich Presents BUILDUP 1978 F-100 Ranger Gets a New Start

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FTE member 77_f250_custom stumbled across this 1978 Ford F-100 Ranger that had lived its life in New Mexico before being brought up into his home state of South Dakota two years ago, where it was simply left to sit and rot. He paid $1000 for the rig and then had it delivered to his apartment.

This cheap truck is already back up and running thanks to the this guy, who happens to be a Mechanical Engineering major, and we’re thankful for it. The Ranger came with a “souped up” Lincoln 302 engine and a built C6 transmission, and certainly seems to be well worth the money he spent.

Despite how simple it might sound, 77_f250_custom has actually had to do quite a bit to get this rig into the happy running condition that it’s in today. In fact, it’s still being worked on to get it into perfect condition!

The ride was sitting on four flat tires and had a dead battery when he found it. Once that was fixed he started the rig, and then fuel poured all over the intake. Fixing the accelerator pump solved that problem, and now the engine runs like new.

There are signs that the F-100 was badly fixed after an impact it sustained, which very well may be from hitting a deer. There are also some little things that need to be dealt with (like the missing Ford lettering on the hood!).

The brakes have recently been bled and 77_f250_custom plans to put new shocks and springs in soon as well. This Ford has a long way to go before it’s perfect, but it always helps to know that even now it runs quite well.

Check out the build thread and show your support!

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