1978 Ford F-100: Dreamy Dropped Hot Rod with Big Block Power

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1978 Ford F-100 Restomod Passenger Side

Custom 1978 Ford F-100 is flawlessly restored and ready to pile up car show trophies.

The rising cost of classic muscle cars and the availability of classic pickups has made hot rod trucks a popular option for Ford fans who are building an old-school show vehicle on a budget. While acquiring an old pickup will cost less than a classic Mustang or Thunderbird, transforming a truck from 1970s into a show vehicle requires a great deal of effort and knowledge.

Fortunately, while looking through the Ford products destined for the auction block at the upcoming Mecum Kissimmee event in January, we came across this 1978 F-100 restomod pickup. This truck is finished and ready to roll to any classic car show, looking good enough from top to bottom to draw a big crowd.

1978 Ford F-100 Restomod Headlight

Dreamy Exterior

While the outside of this 1978 Ford F-100 hasn’t been heavily modified from the stock look, the little changes make a big difference. The black-painted pockets in the grille and headlight bezels combined with the black-painted center section of the hood and the black tonneau cover give the truck a very sporty look. At first glance, this truck might look like it is egg shell white and dark red, but if you look closely, you will see faux wood grain in that red section of the body. That is an awesome, classic touch.

1978 Ford F-100 Restomod Side

This F-100 still has the proper bumpers with the brightest chrome imaginable with lots more clean chrome everywhere else on the truck. The exterior is finished off by a big set of modern wheels that has a classic look that fits the theme of this old Ford nicely.

1978 Ford F-100 Restomod Rear

Murdered-Out Cockpit

While the exterior of this 1978 F-100 maintains its stock form, the cabin has been completely transformed. There is a modern steering column with a sporty three-spoke steering wheel, a set of modern bucket seats in black suede with red trim, a Dakota Digital dash and a console that carries a late model performance shifter.

1978 Ford F-100 Restomod Cabin

This classic Ford also sports a modern sound system and some accessory gauges, with everything from the carpeting to the dash to the headliner being finished in black.

Big Block Power

The big story with this gorgeous 1978 Ford F-100 is the big block V8 tucked under the hood. This truck is powered by a 428-cubic inch Cobra Jet engine that has been massaged to deliver 500 horsepower. There is no modification list, but in the picture, we can see headers, an MSD ignition box, aluminum pulleys, and aluminum intake manifold and fuel lines running to what is likely some variety of four-barrel carburetor.

1978 Ford F-100 Cobra Jet Engine

That big V8 sends the power to the rear wheels by means of a three-speed automatic transmission with a high-stall torque convertor, likely working together to make this classic F-100 one quick classic pickup.

1978 Ford F-100 Restomod Driver Side

In the world of restomod pickups that maintain the classic look and classic power, it doesn’t get much better than this 1978 Ford F-100.

Photos: Mecum

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