1964 F-100 is Ready to Become an Awesome Hot Rod

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1964 Ford F-100 Driver's Side

Perfect buyer has bodywork skills, making proper completion of this classic F-100 cheap and easy.

While flipping through the FTE Marketplace, we came across this 1964 Ford F-100 pickup posted by “svolpone” and immediately fell in love. This truck is a project in progress and it is in need of some good body work, but for someone who can put some of their own time in cleaning up the exterior, this matte black classic F-Series is so close to being a perfect driver. In fact, the current owner drives the truck as it is, but he warns that it needs new cab mounts installed, building on the fact that someone like a skilled body shop technician could make this ’64 F-100 perfect.

The Introduction

When the OP first started the Marketplace thread selling his sweet 1964 Ford F-100, he offered the following information on the vehicle.

1964 F100 Flareside (stepside for you Chevy guys) with a 1974 302 and rebuilt C4 automatic transmission in it for sale. Two wheel drive. I’ve put a ton of work into this. I am incredibly busy right now, so I can’t work on it anymore. The list of improvements so far:

New wiring harness
Replaced the king pins
New wheels and tires
Rebuilt C4 transmission
Electronic ignition
New brake lines, master cylinder, wheel cylinders and brake pads
New water pump
Replaced the steering column
New B&M Z gate floor shifter
New 600 cfm 4 barrel Holly Avenger carburetor
New gas tank and gas lines
Probably some other stuff that I’m not thinking of right now.

There is rust, especially around the cab mounts, but I have new cab mounts that I can throw in. They are good, strong American-made mounts, not those Chinese crap ones that you get from LMC or Dennis Carpenter.

I also have some spare parts that I will give you (spare tire rack, second steering box, other stuff).

It runs, and I drive it sometimes. I have the clear title. If you have welding skills, I think you can get this really nice pretty quickly. I have no welding skills, so, you know…

In short, the OP has done a bunch of work to make this 1964 F-100 a reliable driver and while we don’t know anything about the engine, the 302-cubic inch V8 is an excellent starting point for a street build. The brakes, wheels, tires, transmission and many engine components are fresh and if the OP drives it, it has to run fairly well, right?

1964 Ford F-100 Engine

Rough Lines

At first glance, the sole picture included in the Marketplace listing for this classic F-Series makes the truck look pretty great. The matte black paint on the body works nicely with the black wheels, but there is plenty of bright chrome trim from front to rear. This is how a hot-rodded 1964 F-100 should look, or rather, this is almost how it should look.

1964 Ford F-100 In Progress

Upon closer review, we can see that the stock mirror locations have been filled crudely and there are new “vents” added to the front fenders. We get what they were going for with the vents, but the bodywork is very rough, so those need to be fixed or removed. However, beyond the old mirror locations and the odd fender vents, the body looks to be pretty straight. A good body shop worker could likely have this truck straight and in paint with little work, and there wouldn’t be much else left to do.

1964 Ford F-100 Interior

The truck is listed for $4,500 and even if you only planned to get it running better, that is a solid price. On the other hand, if you have the capacity to do some bodywork, it wouldn’t cost a fortune to clean up the body and replace the cab mounts. At that point, you would have one awesome 1964 Ford F-100 hot rod.

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