F-250 Stomps a Ram into the Mud: Freewheel Burning Friday Presented by Yokohama

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Ram gets the better start, but the F-250 pulls harder through the mid-range to win back-to-back mud races.

The video above comes to us from the Humman Off-Road YouTube channel and it features a pair of mud drag races between a Ford F-250 Super Duty and a Dodge Ram 2500. Each of these runs shows us that in a race like this, it isn’t always the better choice to come tearing out of the hole, as the Ford truck trails both races early, but it comes back to hand out a beating.

The Competitors

There are no details on the trucks in action above, but here is what we can see from the video footage. The Ford truck is an F-250 from the first generation of the Super Duty. It has an extended cab and a diesel engine that exhausts through stacks in the bed, with big mud tires working to put all of that torque to the ground.

F-250 Vs Ram Mud Drag Launch

The Dodge Ram 2500 in the near lane is also an extended cab truck, but it has smaller tires, less lift and there are no diesel badges, so it might be a gas-powered pickup. In any case, it gets off of the starting line better than the Super Duty, but it doesn’t matter how you start; it matters how you finish.

Dodge Leads F-250 Early

The Dirty Duels

In each of the two mud drag races between the Ram and the Super Duty, the flagger carefully stages the trucks at the starting line and when she gives the ok, the starter sounds the horn that signals the racers to go. In each race, the Dodge comes tearing out of the hole and takes and early lead, but when the Ram hits the sloppy mud, it slows down dramatically. Meanwhile, the F-250’s slower start allows the driver to get better traction and the higher-riding truck is able to cruiser through the mud more easily.

F-250 Beats Ram

On the top end of the track, the PowerStroke-powered Super Duty walks away from the Dodge on the dirt incline to the finish line. In the first run, the announcer states that the Ford wins “by a nose”, which is being kind to the Dodge driver, but in the second race, the F-250 crushes the Ram.

F-250 Stomps Ram

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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