1977 FLASHBACK Watch Whistler’s Mom Thrash a Ford

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Not many of the videos that we feature here on Ford Trucks include fine art, but this classic video is an F-150 commercial that begins with the icon image of Whistler’s Mother.

Then, this Whistler guy walks in and tells his mom that instead of just sitting around, she should go for a ride in his new Ford F-150 pickup. Surprisingly, the little old lady insists on driving, but she certainly doesn’t drive in the true form of the little old lady stereotype.

Instead, Whistler’s Mother peels out as she drives the 1977 Ford F-150 away from the house before tearing up a steep dirt embankment, racing across a big, open grassy area and jumping off of the bank of a stream into the water – all of the sake of showing off the advanced suspension setup of the F Series pickup.

Fortunately, a famous little old lady tearing it up in the new F-150 might be unrealistic, but it certainly makes for an unforgettable piece of marketing.


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