HUMP DAY JUMP Watch a Ford Bronco Soar

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Ford Bronco Jump

When it comes to events like this one, one phrase is the only rule you need to live by: “Go big or go home.” Literally. This guy chose to “go big,” and thus wasn’t able to “go home.”

The rig took such a hard hit on the landing that he broke the front axle. Though everyone, including the driver, seem to be excited in the video, we’re sure that towing it back home later wasn’t nearly as exciting. Even so, it’s videos like this one that get our hard pumping and put us on our feet. After all, who doesn’t like seeing a Ford fly?


And this Bronco certainly does leap. There is no doubting that it may have even been able to go higher and further if the driver had put his foot on the gas earlier, but that may not have been such a good idea.

Even so, this jump put the truck many feet in the air and launched it quite a distance. The crowd goes wild, and who can blame them? Sure they are other trucks in the background, but this jump takes the cake by a mile!

Go check out the video and enjoy watching this Bronco skyrocket to where it was really never meant to go. You know you want to!

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