1974 Ford F-100 Explorer Student-Made Commercial: Throwback Thursday

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The 1974 Ford F-100 Explorer is nicely represented in this student-made commercial, making us all want a classic F-Series.

This week’s Throwback Thursday comes to us from the YouTube channel of Garrett Lloyd and it features a homemade commercial for a 1974 Ford F-100 Explorer. To be more specific, this commercial was made for some sort of film class and it deserves an A for showing off this old school pickup so well.

Meet the 1974 F-100

This student-made commercial for the 1974 Ford F-100 Explorer begins by showing a guy walking around to the driver’s door of his truck, getting in and firing it up. “Riders on the Storm” plays in the background throughout the commercial and in the early stages, the video walks us through the key features of this particular 70s Ford truck.

1974 Ford F-100 Explorer

This includes the 6.8L V8 engine (which is probably a mistake, unless this truck has a built engine – which we doubt), vintage interior with some excellent Pep Boys seat covers, original dials and switches and a new Pioneer sound system with a subwoofer. While showing us the features of this classic Ford pickup, we also get a panning view of the grille lettering, the F-100 badging on the side and many of the other fine design details of this old truck.

Overall, this 1974 Ford F-100 Explorer looks pretty clean inside and out, so when the MSRP of $5,200 pops up at the end of the video, it makes you wonder if the truck is still for sale at this price. With some new wheels, a little engine tuning, a little paint/body work and some nicer looking seat covers, this ’74 F100 would make a great daily driver.

The video is a few years old, so the truck is probably long-gone, but this is still a great personal take on a commercial for the 1974 Ford F-100 Explorer.

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