1978 Ford F-150 Is a Total Time Warp

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1978 Ford F-150

Some things come and go, but a period correct ’70s Ford truck will never go out of style.

Most fads in life come and go, but some things simply stand the test of time. This is true in virtually every era of mankind. For example, nobody wears bell bottom pants anymore, nor do they go to the disco on Saturday night. And yet, Ford trucks from that very same era are just as cool as ever. Even when they sport period correct touches like this groovy 1978 Ford F-150.

1978 Ford F-150

We spotted the dreamy cream-colored ride over at the Mecum auction site, where it immediately transported us back to a very different time. A time when nothing escaped the reach of folks just looking to stand out. So you’ll find things like a roof mounted sun visor and multi-colored graphics. But you’ll also notice more timeless upgrades like beefier rolling stock, fender flares, and a chrome brush guard.

1978 Ford F-150

The short bed, four-wheel drive pickup uses a 400 V8 for power, and comes equipped with an automatic transmission. The entire package is super sanitary, right down to the engine bay and undercarriage. Inside, you’ll find a brown dash and door panels, which nicely complement the cream paint and vinyl bench. Plus, it’s a nice reminder that brown used to be cool. And even though it may not carry the same appeal today, it still looks great on a 1978 Ford F-150.

1978 Ford F-150

Combine a short bed, regular cab, four-wheel drive late ’70s F-Series with period touches, and you’ve got a real winner. Few other vehicles could pull off a look like this one, but it fits this old pickup like a glove. We’re glad that the previous owner decided to retain the truck’s quirky and unique style. We just hope that he/she doesn’t still have some bell bottom paints hanging in the closet. Because, well, some things are better left in the past.

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