1973 Ford Truck Stars in Silent Movie: Throwback Thursday

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The Motor Company promoted the 1973 Ford truck with a unique silent movie-style commercial.

In 1973, the Ford F-Series pickup was all new and introduced the sixth generation of the legendary truck. As had been the case in previous years, the Ford marketed the F-Series pickup by highlighting the combination of working abilities with a smooth ride. For the 1973 trucks, Ford went so far as to include the phrase ‘Works like a truck, Rides like a car’ in their commercials.

The 1973 commercial above not only touches on the working abilities and the smooth ride, but the company also pointed out some features that are all quite common today. However, back in 1973, these items were a big deal for the F-Series lineup.

1973 Ford Truck in a Silent Movie

The Ford truck commercial above comes from the YouTube channel of William Presley and it is modeled after a classic silent movie. It begins with the poor piano player pushing a piano down the street. At one point, he comes across the owner of a new 1973 Ford F-100, who offers to help the piano player transport his instrument more easily.

1973 Ford Truck Ad Image

After loading the piano into the bed of the 1973 F-100, the owner shows off a handful of the key features of the new pickup. The hidden storage area behind the seats, the roomier cab, and the optional ‘built-in’ air conditioning system all made the 1973 F-100 far more comfortable. The suspension system carried the load while offering a smooth ride, and the standard front disc brakes save a lazy dog from an unfortunate demise.

Along the way, we watch the 1973 pickup make short work of a path that would have been a nightmare for someone pushing a piano.

Really, although Ford Motor Company has made some corny commercials over the years, this 1973 F-Series commercial might be one of the best of them. The silent movie approach is still copied today, so this Ford commercial has proven to be fairly timeless.

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