1967 Ford Ad Disguises a Truck as a Fastback Coupe

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Shame that they smashed that fiberglass fastback. After all, it makes for a very interesting-looking Ford truck.

Chevrolet’s “Real People” commercials are often mocked on social media for not seeming as real as General Motors would like us to believe, but back in 1967, Ford had a “fooling the consumer” commercial that easily trumps anything in the modern era. This week’s “Throwback Thursday” video comes to us from the Osborn Tramain YouTube channel and it features a that slightly ridiculous commercial in which the Motor Company disguised a new pickup as a fastback coupe.

Remarkable Automotive Advancement

This 1967 Ford commercial begins with the narrator claiming that we are about to “witness a demonstration of a remarkable automotive advancement,” followed by offering us a look at “Test Unit No. 27.” This test unit is very clearly a then-new Ford pickup with the badges removed and an odd bed cover added.

1967 Ford Truck Fastback Side

Next, we meet Mr. Dave Morris, a farmer from Honesdale, Pennsylvania. He climbs into the driver’s seat and proclaims that it is comfortable while smoking his pipe. As he takes the mystery machine for a drive on a rough road, he states the ride is nice and smooth, followed by an explanation of how the twin-I-beam suspension makes that smooth ride possible.

Dave Morris in a 1967 Ford

The Amazing Part

After Mr. Morris and the narrator have gone for a ride, we learn the most amazing part of this vehicle. It turns out that this isn’t a car at all! It is actually a 1967 Ford pickup. Mr. Morris doesn’t seem to believe the narrator at first, so he smashes the fastback-style cap with a mallet, providing that it is definitely a truck and not a car.

1967 Ford Truck Being Smashed Up

We have to wonder if this was literally the first car or truck that Mr. Morris had ever seen, because even with the boxy lines of cars from the 1960s, there is no way that the addition of the fake fastback would make anyone think that a 1967 Ford truck was actually a car.

It is ridiculous, maybe even more so than Chevrolet’s current ad campaign, but it is a classic Ford truck commercial, so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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