Gigantic F-350 Mud Truck is Slow, Steady and Unstoppable

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Biggest body we have seen on a Ford mud truck makes more room for passengers.

This week’s “Muddy Monday” comes to us from the YouTube channel of Penny Martin Photography and it features an incredible Ford F-350 from the ninth generation of the F-Series romping in the deep water of the Redneck Mud Park. That is a real place, by the way. We looked it up the Redneck Mud Park and found that it is an off-roading facility in Punta Gorda, Florida. One of the facility’s main attractions is the deep, watery mud pit and that ominous pool of slop is the venue for the video above.

The Machine

The video above is titled “Redneck Mud Park — Ford Float Proof,” and while we know what the first part means, the second part is a bit of a mystery. Is “Float Proof” the name of the truck? The sides of the truck read “T. Garza & Sons”, so it doesn’t have a name for the vehicle on the sides, but with this huge, heavy truck immediately dropping into the deep water, perhaps it is a reference to the fact that it is too heavy to float. We don’t know.

Ford F-350 Mud Truck Side

What we do know is that this ninth-generation Ford F-350 has a factory-style dually body and it appears to be very clean and straight. It is in much better condition than many of the featured mud trucks, presumably due to the fact that it sits so high off of the ground. That is achieved by an elaborate chassis and suspension system, but the engine is so quiet that we can’t guess what is under the hood.

Gazra Ford F-350 Mud Truck Action

Speculation aside, this truck is an absolute beast.

Slow and Steady

AS the video begins, this massive F-350 eases into the water, at which point the huge front tires disappear into the deep water. As the back tires join the fronts in the murky pit, the big Ford F-350 begins to slowly make its way to the other side. As the body hovers over the muddy water, the lumbering Ford barely breaks a sweat in clearing the water with ease.

Garza Ford F-350 Mud Truck Entry

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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