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Remember When Lincoln Made Trucks? They Still Exist.

Way back in 2005, Ford decided that Lincoln needed a pickup truck. So they took the F-150, gave it a new front end and pushed their luxurious half-ton out across the North American continent. Judging by the lack of Lincoln pickups today, that plan clearly didn’t work out as well as they would’ve liked. So [...] More »

Ford 6.2-Liter Tow-off: Raptor vs F-250

People buying the Raptor aren’t terribly interested in hauling loads like they’re driving an F-250. I think that much is a given. Still though, I imagine that the occasional trailer might be latched to the Raptors trail hitch over time, and in those cases, you might wonder how this truck built for racing might fare [...] More »

Ken Block and Ford Racing build a Raptor with Trax!

Just in time for the Winter X-Games, Ken Block and Ford Racing build the ultimate Raptor for crossing snow, the RaptorTrax. Ken’s dubbed it the “world’s fastest snowcat” and does so thanks to the Whipple motivated 6.2L V8 and four “go-anywhere” Mattrax. The RaptorTrax features a full roll cage, meaning safety didn’t take a back [...] More »

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