Ford 6.2-Liter Tow-off: Raptor vs F-250

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People buying the Raptor aren’t terribly interested in hauling loads like they’re driving an F-250. I think that much is a given. Still though, I imagine that the occasional trailer might be latched to the Raptors trail hitch over time, and in those cases, you might wonder how this truck built for racing might fare doing to dirty work. It’s a little like seeing how good a Ferrari 458 might be at carrying groceries in heavy traffic. Technically you could do it, but no one is going to tell you it’s a good idea.

That’s why it’s a good idea to see how much a difference there is between the F-250 and the Raptor. True they both displace the same amount, but that’s where the similarities end. Ford de-tuned the 6.2-liter in the Super Duty for the sake of longevity  for the sake of longevity in the Super Duty.

So how does the Raptor do? Well, not nearly as badly as that Ferrari I mentioned earlier would. Check it out below.

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