Remember When Lincoln Made Trucks? They Still Exist.

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Way back in 2005, Ford decided that Lincoln needed a pickup truck. So they took the F-150, gave it a new front end and pushed their luxurious half-ton out across the North American continent.

Judging by the lack of Lincoln pickups today, that plan clearly didn’t work out as well as they would’ve liked.

So in 2008, Ford decided to cut their losses and pack up the Licoln Mark LT and instead drop their luxury load into the Platinum trim line for the F-150. In the US and Canada, the Lincoln LT is just another failure… But in Mexico, things went a very different way.

South of the border the Mark LT is, and continues to be, Lincolns best selling model. They even have a version of the truck based on the current generation F-150. It’s still built in America along side the F-150, but it’s only sold in Mexico: a weird inversion of the typical product distribution chain.

I’m not sure if Ford’ll be selling the next-gen F-150 in Mexico, but one can only imagine they’d continue to do well. I’d definitely like to see the 2015 truck with the grill from a modern Lincoln if only for my personal amusement.


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