Some Hard to Find Special Edition Trucks

Daily Slideshow: Ford sells more F-series trucks than any other company sells any other anything. Toyota Camry? Puh-leez! Ford sells nearly twice as many trucks as those (66k trucks vs 38k Camrys in 2015). Still, even among the estimated millions of F-150 trucks still on the road, there are some stand out special editions that will set you apart from the crowd. For every 10k plain white, fleet spec, F-150 single cab long bed out there, there is only one Raptor or Harley-Davidson, and even less of some of the more obscure ones. For 2016 there is actually a "Special Edition Appearance Package" (pictured) but even that isn't as special as some that have been offered over the years.

By Curated Content Editor - August 13, 2018