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Help answer my 5 year old's breakfast prayer

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Old 04-07-2010, 01:19 PM
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Post Help answer my 5 year old's breakfast prayer

Hey, there! I'm new to the site as well as to owning an expedition. I just got a 98 5.4L 4X4 Expedition and am puzzled on a few things. My 5 year old prayed at breakfast for, not only a green card at school, but that the new car would be working today. So, Mom is taking over this project to make that happen, but need a little help to do so.

Here is what I got goin' on:

1- The blinkers and the hazards don't work and the side mirrors don't have any memory, so I picked up an electronic flasher box. From my research, I am pretty sure that this will fix the issue, but I can't find where it goes. I called the dealership and no one calls back or knows when they answer the phone (I was being hopeful), I checked my manual and have searched to no avail on the net. One person said it was to the right of the steering column, but I have searched and don't see it. Anyone have a step-by-step where it is for me? It seemed so easy; pull the old one, plug in the new one. Help!

2- It failed emissions and showed misfire in cylinder #4 and #5 as well as running lean in both bank 1 and bank 2. I have changed the fuel filter, fuel pump, PCV valve, and spark plugs. I took it to Autozone and put it back on the machine and it is still misfiring in #4 and running lean, but the check engine light has gone off (hoping for it getting better and not that the light burned out). I had a "family mechanic" (which isn't my other half) tell me that it was the head and then changed his thoughts to a leak in the valve cover after I discussed my conversation with the awesome guy at Autozone, I think his name was Mark. I am planning on changing the rest of the hoses to make sure that it isn't a vacuum leak and I have read that there are issues with the spark plug wires (should have done that one when I did the spark plugs), so I am changing those, too. Any other suggestions that it might be? It definately runs better after I changed out the PCV valve, but I can still feel the misfire and it runs rough sometimes when I accelerate and makes that hollow rattle noise when I put my foot into it.

3- Love this one because it is a new noise AFTER the "family mechanic" worked on it. It was all over the road when we first bought it, so we got new tires, an alignment, brakes in the front and replaced the right, front CV bootor arm thing (I don't remember the exact term). Now, there is not only shaking of the engine that I feel, but I also hear a tickish noise when I accelerate or when I let off the gas completely. I am going to check the motor mounts for the shaking that the engine is doing, but any ideas on the ticking noise. It sounds like the noise that a card makes in bike spokes if anyone knows what that sounds like.

I would take any suggestions because I really want to have a sound, running, safe vehicle to take the kids around town. Please help my 5 year olds prayers come true Thanks!
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Old 04-07-2010, 02:20 PM
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I would post this in the other Expedition forum, this is for 07 and up.
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Old 04-07-2010, 02:32 PM
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A 5 year old's prayer? Wow, you know how to get attention! We've got 3 kids... 6, 4, & 11 months. When the 6 or 4 year old pray for something, we know it's really important!

Step one would be to copy this whole post and move it to the other "Expedition" forum, or maybe get a Moderator to do that. The '07+ models don't have much in common, so most of the people reading it in this area won't be able to help you.

Count me among them, but I'll still try.

I bet the blinkers & hazards are the same issue. Could be a combination of burned out bulbs in different places, but I bet the flasher is at fault. I don't know about yours, but lots of these plug into the fuse box. If you have an owner's manual, see if you can find a diagram of the fuse box and you just might find the flasher. If you don't have a manual you can normally find a digital version on line.

I don't know anything about mirror memories, but you could check for blown fuse. Probably more compicated than that though!

Turn your key to "ON" without starting it. If the check-engine light lights up, it's still working. You'll have to drive the car a few days... maybe 50 miles or so... until the computer will let it pass emissions. If it behaves that long, I'd try getting it tested so you're legal, then you can mess around with vacuum hoses at your leisure (like you have any of that with a 5 year old!). Plug wires would be a great idea, but if the check engine light stays off for a few days I'd get a sticker first before messing with anything that might goof up your emissions test.

I'm not following the noise symptoms. As loud as it sounds to be though, it should be easy to track down. Hopefully its driving better with the tires, alignment, and brake work done. Maybe something in the CV joint isn't quite right, but they normally rattle when you're making sharp turns.

Good luck & keep smiling!
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Old 04-07-2010, 02:42 PM
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The COP on #4 could be bad. These go out often. The rattle sound while accelerating could be an exhaust leak also.
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Old 04-07-2010, 03:08 PM
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Your 5 year old was complaining about the mirrors? I usually don't recommend letting your child drive until at least 7. Lol.
Sorry, had to give you a hard time.
But seriously, Berry is on to something about the COPs. Here is an easy check. Have the codes cleared. Any auto parts store should be able to do it for you, though they are not supposed to. Remove the four and five coil packs located on the two forward most driver side cylinders (on a 4.6?/5.4? engine). Swap them over to another cylinder. If the COPs are bad, the misfire will move to the new cylinders that you changed them out to. If that is the case, get some COPs and replace them, they should run you around $40 or so each. Good luck.
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