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Welcome To The Excursion Forum! Please Read First!

Excursion - King of SUVs 2000 - 2005 Ford Excursion
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Welcome To The Excursion Forum! Please Read First!

Old 03-02-2009, 10:34 AM
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Welcome To The Excursion Forum! Please Read First!

Moderators Note:

Welcome to FTE!

This first post addresses Trolls, Flaming Other People, Rude Behavior, and Personal Attacks. Don't mind the verbiage. It's an old post that was created during a specific time to address a problem that was ongoing at that moment. It is however still relevant and the information contained needs to be known.

The second post below this one is kind of like a "welcome packet" that gives a basic thumb-nail sketch on how to post, search, respond to existing threads, create new threads, how to post pictures, how to post while mobile, etc. Thanks go to Matt for taking the time to put the post together.


Although Trolling, Flaming, and Personal Attacks are very rarely an issue in this Forum, this is something I must now address:

From FTE's guidelines:
2. Personal Conduct . Post language and material suitable for the home or office. Do not post foul language, racial epithets or sexually explicit content in any form. Personal attacks will not be tolerated.

FTE Site Guidelines

Forum Troll Defined:

3. Forum Troll- An obnoxious user or member on a forum that goes out of their way to make pointless, offensive, or annoying posts and messages. Often these users are labeled as spammers and will post random off-topic junk in many sections of a forum.
Urban Dictionary: defin...rm=forum+troll (third definition fits)

4. Forum troll- Trolls are people who want to get on your nerves. They will usually lurk around the forums and wait for an opportunity to annoy or attack a user. The best way to ignore a troll is not to flame back, but to report and move on. Trolls are no good and should be exiled.

If a user's posts fit either one of the top definitions, the simplest way to avoid enraging yourself and aiding the offending user in sending the Thread off topic is to add that user to your "ignore list".

Just go to your User Control Panel and from the menu on the left, look at the last item under "Settings and Options" which is "Edit Ignore List". Click on that and you can enter a user's name that you would like to ignore, and then that user's posts won't show up for you.

When you respond to a troll, you are adding fuel to a fire that will consume the Thread in question and destroy it. I've had to edit and in some cases close and delete threads that were and perfectly good before trolling started.

Trolling not only consumes the Thread, but it may also consume YOU! You may get upset and dwell on the offending user's post and hopefully not find yourself upset for the remainder of your day because of this.

Furthermore, if you respond to the offending users post (i.e. Fire back) you will be infracted for participating and encouraging trolling.

This starts as of today March 2nd, 2009, so for future reference, use the ignore function and save yourself a headache.

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Old 03-11-2015, 06:17 PM
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Welcome To the Excursion forum! READ ME!!!

I've seen seeing a lot of new people joining and posting lately, which is awesome! To all of y'all on behalf of the current members, welcome , and if you just bought your Excursion, congratulations! We'll try not to persuade you to modify it until your wallet is screaming for mercy

With the influx of new people, there's also been an lot of people that don't know how to upload pictures, update their profiles to reflect their locations, vehicle specs (which engine, what year, 2wd or 4wd, etc), some basic tips for signatures, and so on. While they are optional, it is highly recommended that you fill these out. Not only does it let us immediately see what you have and where you are, but it saves you from having to repeat yourself every single time somebody asks.

Why is my location important?
We have members from all over the world. There's a good chance there's a forum member that may either be willing to help, or knows of a good shop in your area that could help you out with repairs, upgrades, and so on.

Why should I fill out my vehicle specs? We all have Excursions
Different trim levels and model year's (also referred to as MY) came with different options, so some issues and problems that come up may have different troubleshooting techniques and repair options specific to your setup. Knowing your vehicle's specs can help both you and us out in trying to answer your questions regarding modifications, repairs, and so on. Again, it also keeps you from repeating yourself over and over, and you may get a faster answer to your question instead of us waiting to find out what you have. Yes, we could technically run a Search for your introductory post, but to be completely honest - not a lot of us are going to do that, so just help us out here This brings on the next point...

What's my Signature and what should I put in it?
Your signature is automatically attached to every post you make, just like a signature for your email account. It gets displayed at the bottom of your post in a separate block. You'll see a lot of members have their vehicle information (MY, engine, and modifications if any) in their signatures. You can put whatever you'd like, just keep in mind you're restricted to 6 lines. There is also an option to upload a small picture if you'd like. With your vehicle information in your signature, it will automatically be attached to your posts, thus eliminating any guessing on what type of setup you have.

How do I upload pictures? This depends on whether you're using a computer or your phone, we'll start with the computer.

Uploading Pictures from Computer

#1 There are a variety of ways to go about doing this. The easiest way is to click the Insert Image button right above the dialog box. This button is present whether you are starting a new thread, using the Quick Reply, or using the Go Advanced post mode.

After you click it, the steps are very easy to follow.

#2 You can also upload pictures to/from your album here on FTE. You can create one through the User CP. While this takes a little longer, it makes it easier to upload the same picture in other threads instead of having to search for it on your computer every time .

From there, the steps are easy to follow. After you're done uploading pictures, go into your album and click on the picture you want to upload in the thread. Below the picture will be the Share button - click on it, then copy the link in the drop menu.

Paste the link in the thread you're wish to add the picture to, and you're done!

#3 Another option is to use a third-party image hosting website to upload your pictures to, then copy the link they provide. Some hosting websites provide the required image tags on the front and back of your link, others don't. Check out the picture in step 4 for the image tag example.

#4 You can also copy the image link directly from a picture. Right click on the picture, and select Copy Image URL. Paste the URL into the dialog box on the forum, and add the image tags to the link.

Uploading Pictures from Phone

#1 If you're using the free mobile app (IB AutoGroup), it's pretty simple and straight forwards:

The only downside I have found to using this method is it seems to glitch if you try to upload more than one photo at a time. Several members here have had the same problem. If it glitches, the screen will go black and the app will freeze, and you'll have to start all over again. The way I've found around this is to upload your picture and submit your post. Then follow the pretty pictures below:

A word of caution: Every time you upload a picture, whether it is the first or the fourth, the app will completely change the format of your post. If you had several paragraphs spaced out, etc the app removes all the spaces and makes your post one long sentence. It's quite frustrating, I usually format my post after I've uploaded all pictures.

#2 If you're using the mobile browser version of FTE, there is no way that I have found to upload a picture that isn't a substantial pain in the butt. Either download IB AutoGroup, or try step 3.

#3 If you don't want to download the app, that's not a problem. When the mobile browser opens, scroll all the way down and hit the View Full Site tab at the bottom of the screen. From there, you can proceed to navigate the site as if you were on a computer and upload pictures using the steps in Uploading Pictures from Computer.

Miscellaneous Tips
#1 We realize some of you may be new to the concept of the online forum entirely, which is no problem whatsoever - heck, we all started there! However, if there is one thing that kind of grinds everybody's nerves it's seeing the same kind of thread repeated almost daily. 'How much lift', 'What kind of exhaust', 'Best way to add MPG', and so on and so forth.

If you look at the top of this forum, you will see some threads titled 'Sticky'. The one named 'Excursion Forum Tech Folder' is the one I want to draw your attention to. Consider if the FTE Excursion 'bible', if you will. There are so many links to such a wide variety of outstanding How-To's, maintenance tips, suspension build threads, etc that you can spend many hours in there just reading. It is a great source of knowledge and information, and you may be able to find what you're looking for without needing to start another clone thread. Some of us, myself included, will just point you to that Sticky or tell you to run a search because the topic has been covered 3,427,549 times. Or worse yet, there's one five threads down on the front page asking the exact. Same. Thing. So thank you in advance for taking a peek up top!

#2 Moving on to the subject of the search. Yes, there is the big shiny Search Bar at the top of the page. There is also a little link in the middle of your hub navigation strip (where User CP resides). However, you can save yourself a LOT of frustration and time by clicking the Advanced Search option that drops down.

Once inside, you'll see it offers a far more detailed and specific way of running a search for what you're looking for. Chances are, since you're in the Excursion forum, you're looking for an answer or information regarding said vehicle. Over on the right, you can narrow down the search to look only in certain forums, such as Excursion, 7.3 diesel, 6.0 diesel, etc. After that, just punch in what you're looking for in the search bar at the top left of the page and happy hunting!

#3 We'd really, really, REALLY appreciate it if you could take the time to use punctuation and some semblance of proper spelling. There have been some posts in the past that have a 7-line long run-on sentence, spelling that isn't even close to being vaguely correct, and so on. The reason is plain and simple - if we can't understand your post or if it's too hard to read, we're not going to read it. Personally, I'm not going to spend twelve minutes trying to decipher what it is you're asking. God (or the deity of your choice) forbid, you butcher grammar and punctuation while asking something that's been covered nineteen times since the day before yesterday. Not a threat, but do not expect to get much help beyond people asking you to write properly so they can understand what you're asking.

#4 Thread Hi-jacking isn't cool. If you have one or two off-topic questions, you'll be fine. However, if you have a bunch of questions about, for example, a bumper you saw on somebody's rig, but their thread is looking for help regarding which wheels look better, please use the Private Message (PM) feature to ask them directly. This will keep the thread from getting derailed and sent off-topic, keep the Original Poster (OP) from getting frustrated, and so on.

#5 Private Messages are a great way to talk to someone specific on the forum without having to start a thread, or hi-jack an existing one. You do need to have at least 5 posts (mods please edit to correct the number if required) to send or receive PM's. Simply click on the person's name, and you'll get a drop down menu.

#6 Don't be a party-pooper. Nobody likes a rude person. Nobody likes a rude, NEW person even less... One of our moderators Toreador_Diesel has a good break-down of the behavior and manners that are expected around these parts. You can find it sticky'd at the top of this forum titled 'Please Read: Regarding Trolls, Flames, and Personal Attacks' I think that should cover pretty much everything for basics. Once again, welcome to our group!


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