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Dyno numbers abound!

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Old 09-17-2005, 09:10 PM
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Dyno numbers abound!

Welp, our local car club down here (Little Rock Racing Scene) had a fund raiser/Dyno Day for one of our members who lost everything down in New Orleans. He opened up the dyno for how ever many runs we wanted, just so long as we made a donation to the fund. I think we raised something like $3k. :woot

Anywho, on to the numbers. Now, let me start off by saying that they didn't have a diesel pickup, so my TQ numbers have been figured by the equation for figuring out TQ at a given HP rating. So, they are within 1-2lb/ft of actual numbers. Trust me, it took like 20 minutes worth of math to figure this crap out. :lol:

Well, My mods are only a 4" turboback, no muffler, no cat, and the ZooDad mod. My programmer is a Hypertech Power Programmer III (which by the way I have been Beta testing for the past month and is now available for the 03-06 6L's..../shameless plug) running on Stage 3. Advertised claim is +115Hp and +200Tq. Well, they're dead on *****. My truck laid down an IMPRESSIVE 379.1Hp/612.8Tq. So, that's an extra +15Hp/+8Tq over Hypertech's claim by just opening up the exhaust!

But seriously though, this Hypertech Power Programmer III is AWESOME!! You can run Whatever stage you want to, Stage 1,2 or 3, and still tow your full alloted weight! ABSOLUTELY NO towing restrictions! I pulled a 10k car trailer today, loaded with a Ford Lightning with the Stage 3 tune, up and down hills. I saw a max of 38lbs boost and 1300F EGT's. And that's on STAGE 3!!

Take it for what you will, but this this is teh r0x0rZ! I think Motohaven should look into carrying it!

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