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My project and questions to start

Old 07-10-2016, 08:52 PM
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My project and questions to start

I have a 1989 F-250 reg. cab, 4x4, 351W and 5 spd. THe motor seems gutless to me, but I need more seat time to get the bugs works out. Truck is very clean and its a flatbed.
Next I just purchased a basket case 90' super Duty (1.5 ton). Now this old truck comes with a low mileage Ford Crate 460/5 spd an 2wd. It has a sweet custom oilfield bed that I want to xfer to my f-250. Next question. To swap the 460 into the f-250 I will need a 5 speed/t case from a donor truck right? I should have all other parts between the 2 donor trucks? To run duals , I will need to find the spacers right?
My goal is build a rugged old work truck. Maybe its cheaper/easier to build the 351w? Sell the 460? I definitely want the bed and swap it on my f250.
Whats your thoughts and advice? Here is a pic of my f250 on the way home.
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Old 07-10-2016, 10:18 PM
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You will need a tranny with the 460 bell housing, but the transfer case should bolt-up. The easiest way to run duals is to grab a dually axle-the SD truck's may work with a combo u-joint and a gear change - measure the spring perches to be sure (if you want 10-lug wheels, haha), but probably easier to grab one from a 350 at the junkyard. But, since you already have a donor truck I cant imagine that a swap would be too hard, but I'm not vey familiar with the SD trucks from back then and don't know what is different from the 'light duty' trucks.

Don't forget that any flatbed is heavy-especially a big oil field one. That extra weight could be why the 351 seems doggy. But, the sluggishness could also be from 3.55 gears. I just bought a '94 250 reg. cab 4X4 5.8 5 sp. with 3.55's and the truck seems slow compared to my '91 250 reg. cab 4X4 5.8 5 sp. with 4.10's. But the 3.55 truck gets about 15 MPG unloaded and the '91 about 9 MPG, so it is a tradeoff.

Your truck really does look clean, nice find. It took me two months to find the '94 I bought because nobody sells these trucks until they break them...and it takes a lot to break these trucks so you can imagine the junk I looked at sorting through Craigslist.
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The 5-speed from the 90 superduty should work fine in a 4x4. The 87-96 superduty's actually used a 4x4 transmission. They bolted an ebrake assembly where the transfercase would go.

Now regarding the dually. The superduty will be 10 lug. So adapters would be needed to get the 10 lug wheels on it. I myself would probably try to find a set of 8 bolt dually wheels.

I also worry about the oil rig bed being really heavy. may want to weigh the bed. also check the cab to axle measurement. Might have a length issue.

sounds like a cool project. I like Oil rig beds.
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I should have clarified that for the dually swap I wanted to go 8 bolt, I really do not want the 10 bolts.
The oilfield bed is heavy and is for a 84" C/A, not a 56" C/A that my f-250 has. Measuring the flatbed on the f-250: its 9' overall and 4' from center of tire to end of bed
The SD, oilfield bed is 10' over all and 4' from center of tire to end of bed.
So by cutting 1' off the front and building new head rack, it is feasible and not all that difficult to make happen. The OF bed has a ton of tool boxs built into it,etc. Someone spent a lot of time building it. If I use it, then I am sure suspension will have to be addressed.
I did not know that about the 5spd and e-brake on the SD. I will crawl under and look this weekend. Sounds like swapping the 460 may be easier than I thought. I am guessing the tranny mounts are the same location on the 2 different 5 spds? I also picked up a dana 60 front and 10.75" Sterling rear for 600.00 that came out of a 93 e-350 Ambulance. I would love to get rid of TTB down the road.
If the SD was in better shape rust wise, it might be easier to convert it to 4x4 I do like the short Wheel base of the f-250 though. After driving crewcabs for so many years, its almost like a sports car(not speed wise)
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Back to the 460 swap part.
I will need new motor mounts for the BB to mount in the f250. I am guessing I could use the SD motor mounts? From what I have read so far the 5spd from behingd the 460 uses ebrake on back of tranny, remove ebrake and bolt on my transfercase and that should be good to go.
What electronics do I need to be concerned with. I am not going to lie, my last swaps were done prior to EFI, everything was carbbed back then and thats what I would comfortable with. I would like to eliminate any computor control I can
Maybe its because I have not learned EFI setups, but I really want to go carburetor on the 460 when I swap it in the 250. Next question, the 460 has efi and the fuel pump is out. What can I rig up fuel wise to get it to run? Back in the day a can on the roof and some hose gravity flowed to the carb and it kick off. I really want to fire the 460 up, hear it run. Then that would speed up process.
If I missed any thing, please dont hesitate to tell me.
I appreciate the help
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