‘Beast Mode’ F-150 Drags the Competition (Video)

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Budget F-150 goes head to head with F-250 & Chevy diesel dually with solid results.

The video above features the $500 Ford F-150 from the Truck Central YouTube channel being driven by Steve Fast of Hammer Down Motorsports participating in a series of friendly pull-offs with a couple much larger trucks. Even though this half-ton is wrecked and considerably smaller than the competition, it still holds its own in a quartet of battles with the big trucks.

Ragged F-150

The Ford F-150 in the video above was purchased by the YouTubers from the original owner, who had been involved in a front-end collision that mangled the face of the truck, pushed the fenders back into the doors and deployed both airbags. At that point, the truck was effectively totaled, but the previous owner used it as a farm truck until he sold it for $500.

Wrecked Ford F-150

In the current condition, it is far too battered to serve as a legal road vehicle, but that doesn’t stop it from providing plenty of fun and plenty of great footage.

Super Duty Pull-Off

The first action in the video has the F-150 tied bumper to bumper with the F-250 from the 6.0 Bros YouTube channel. With the half-ton in four-low and first gear, the smaller Ford truck has little issue with dragging the Super Duty backwards, but the first run was made with the Super Duty in rear-drive mode.

F-150 Vs F-250

In the second run between the two Fords, the F-250 also runs in four-wheel-drive and that leads to a beating for the F-150, but considering the weight and power differences, that doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

Here Comes the Chevy

While the F-150 and F-250 were squaring off, a neighbor with a one-ton Chevy diesel dually stops by to see what all of the tire smoke is about. He throws his hat in the ring and the big Chevy is hooked to the little F-150. When the two battle with the Chevy in rear-drive, the half-ton Ford pulls to the win, but when both trucks are in four-low, the diesel dually makes short work of the F-150.

F-150 Vs Chevy

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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