Killer Custom 1940 Ford Pickup Is a True Family Affair

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1940 Ford Pickup

The story of how this 1940 Ford pickup came to be is pretty familiar. But the results most certainly are not.

We’d wager a bet that most of the people reading this got their start as an auto enthusiast thanks to at least one family member. The love of trucks is something that gets passed down, generation after generation. But tracing the genealogical chart behind this amazing 1940 Ford pickup build is a little more complicated than most. The stunning classic is owned by Dylan McDowell of Stouffville, Ontario, Canada, sure. But he isn’t solely responsible for it, either.

McDowell was kind enough to share his personal story, as well as the story of his 1940 Ford pickup, with Hot Rod in a recent feature. And if a lot of it sounds familiar, that’s because it probably is. McDowell grew up playing with Hot Wheels and his old pedal car. Both of his parents owned lots of cool cars over the years, and they even did their own restorations. And his grandmother was the one who bought him a rough 1940 Ford pickup to work on when he was only 12.

1940 Ford Pickup

With the help of his dad and local car club The Lead Kings, McDowell learned how to weld and fabricate. He somehow managed to modify a Chevy S-10 frame to fit his old Ford, which is now fitted with Belltech drop spindles, Firestone air bags, and a four-link. Thankfully, however, the drivetrain is all Ford. The 302 under the hood came from a 1970 Mustang, and its backed up by a Top Loader 4-speed transmission.

The body required a lot more work, which began with a chop, channel, section, and shave. The grille and hood are from a ’40 Ford Deluxe, the front fenders from a ’38. The crew then shortened the bed and relocated the rear fenders to make it all flow together.

1940 Ford Pickup

It all adds up to one of the most unique and impressive family/friend builds we’ve ever seen. Be sure and check out this incredible 1940 Ford pickup in its entirety over at Hot Rod!

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