Will the New Bronco and Ranger Be Based on the Brazilian Troller?

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Campeonato Cearense de Rali

A few weeks back our friends at Ford decided to have a little bit of fun with the Internet by posting a few pictures of the Ford Troller that is for sale in Brazil. It’s a cool piece of kit, but some in the media took that to mean that a Bronco could be based on the Troller. While we don’t think that’ll happen with the current version, what if it did, in fact, happen with a new one?

Campeonato Cearense de Rali

Assuming Ford’s UAW contract gets approved and plans move forward on assembly of the Bronco and Ranger at the Michigan Assembly complex, they’ll need a vehicle to produce. We’ve long thought that that would be the new Ranger and Bronco. But we’ve also talked at some length about how difficult it is to take a foreign-made car for a foreign-market and sell it here. In addition to the taxes and duties, many of those vehicles simply wouldn’t pass our stringent safety requirements.

So if we’re just spitballing here, and we are, if the Bronco and Ranger were to be based on the Troller it’d have to be a new Troller platform. But that’s not necessarily an impossibility considering that vehicle will need refreshed.

Troller T4

Plus, the Troller is a capable off-roader that would easily set its sights on the likes of the Jeep Wrangler, which many of you believe will be the only way for the Bronco to be successful.

Why do we keep mentioning the Ranger and Bronco together? Because if the Bronco is based on the Troller, so will be the Ranger because it’d be silly for Ford to make them on two different platforms at the same factory for such a small market.

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