Ford Power Stroke Twins go Head-to-Head!

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Two Ford F-350s face off in a tug of war, with the winner taking on a mighty Ford F-450.

Modern Ford pickup trucks are some of the strongest and most powerful passenger vehicles in the world. For those who aren’t happy with towing the equivalent of several cars, automakers offer one-ton machines that can tow over 35,000 lbs. If that doesn’t boggle your mind, nothing will.

This YouTube video is brought to you by rekjavicxxx, and it pits numerous heavy-duty trucks against one another. The theory as to which truck is better is pretty obvious. The trucks are tied tied up, both owners slam on the go-fast pedal at the same time, and the truck that drags the other through the mud is the winner.

Ford F-350 Platinum

The roughly seven-minute-long video sees numerous trucks go up against one another, with some pretty interesting winners making it to the next phase. But the real battle to watch is at the five-minute mark, where two Ford F-350s with the 6.7-liter Power Stroke turbo diesel V8 battle each other.

The winner moves on to face an F-450, with the result revealing the big difference between pickup trucks, and chassis cabs.

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