Upgrade Your F-250’s Backside with a Set of LED Tail Lights

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2017-2019 Ford F-250 LED Taillight with Blind Spot Radar

LED units work with 2017-2019 F-250s, but you’ll need to buy the blind-spot module elsewhere.

You’re backing your F-250 into a spot to pick up a few bales of hay, some bags of mulch, or a pair of dirt bikes when it happens: your tail light gets dinged. Or, perhaps, your halogen units aren’t working out as well as you hoped. Either way, you could go to your local Ford parts counter and pay OEM prices to replace your tail lights with LED units, or you could visit our FTE Marketplace.

In fact, we did just the other day, and we happened upon a set of tail lights that can do more than let people know you’re braking or turning.

2017-2019 F-250 LED Tail Lights

“These are LED Tail Lights off of my 2017 F250,” says the seller, forum member daniel044. The tail lights are ready for use with the blind-spot module on 2017-2019 F-250s, though you’ll likely need to visit the parts counter for those (unless one turns up on our marketplace, of course), as the lights won’t come with them.

2017-2019 Ford F-250 LED Taillight with Blind Spot Radar

The seller adds that the passenger tail light “has a hairline crack,” but nothing that will allow leaks to get in or moisture to be trapped. If your F-250 needs an upgrade or a fix, we think these’ll do nicely.

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