Sharpen Your 2017 F-250 Throttle Response with a Simple Gadget

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Ford F-250 Pedal Commander

Gas- and diesel-powered F-250 pickups have an electronic throttle that can be tuned with this gadget.

While flipping through the parts listed for sale in the FTE Marketplace, we came across an interesting upgrade for the 2017 Ford F-250. Forum member “mwheue” listed a Pedal Commander for sale, which works with the truck’s electronic throttle system to provide a crisper feel to acceleration, but it can also improve fuel economy.

The Introduction

When the OP listed the Pedal Commander for sale, he included a two pictures of the piece and the packaging along with some basic information.

“Like New PC-18 Pedal Commander $225 Shipped.
May fit other models but bought for 2017 F-250 6.2L”

In looking on the company website, it appears as though this item will work for newer F-250s as well, but the fine print states that there are specific programming measures for each vehicle, so this unit may or may not work with similar models such as the F-350.

Ford F-250 Pedal Commander Box

In any case, the piece is listed for sale with a price of $225, which represents a hefty discount off of the $350 list price of this item.

What Is It?

While we have never worked with a Pedal Commander, there are many people across social media who use and love this simple gadget. That was why it caught our attention, as over the past few years, this simple tool has become incredibly popular.

It works by means of a wiring harness that plugs into the path of the electronic accelerator assembly and with a series of modes, the Pedal Commander either sharpens or softens throttle response.

Ford F-250 Pedal Commander Instructions

In the case of the sport modes, the F-250 will be more responsive, providing stronger acceleration with less input from the driver while the Eco mode softens throttle, leading to better fuel economy numbers. Mind you, it doesn’t add any power, but it effectively adds or removes the “lag” that comes with modern electronic throttle setups.

While products like this have their critics, users of the Pedal Commander rave about the product, so if you are interested in sharper throttle response at the push of a button, this marketplace listing is a great chance to buy a Pedal Commander at a fraction of the initial price.

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