A True Beast: A 1985 Bronco Build

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1985 Bronco Build

There are some trucks out there have gone down in history and become memorable icons of certain eras of our world. One such truck is the Ford Bronco, which was in production between 1966 and 1996.

Though those thirty years are over, these beasts are still seen roaring down streets everywhere, and are still certainly one of the most tough trucks on the road. Ford Truck Enthusiast 1985 Bronco has now joined the group of proud Bronco owners, and is working on his, you guessed it, 1985 Bronco build.

A proud owner of a 1949 Ford 4-Door and the previous owner of a 1991 Ford F-150, this guy is pretty familiar with the Fords – and no one could argue that this Bronco was a bad choice. Though not the prettiest when he bought it, this thing is an excellent example of a true beast on the road.

The engine is a massive 460 from a 1972 Lincoln and has been bored to a 475 and the truck runs at over 400 horsepower. Though the the truck was missing a few rather nice-to-have things – such as the backseat and the radio – it really wasn’t that bad at all. Several body panels have been changed out due to rust, a radio has been added, and 1985 Bronco can’t help but dream of equipping the machine with a six inch suspension lift.

This Bronco still has a ways to go to be perfect, but it is certainly well on its way and in good hands. Go drop by 1985 Bronco’s Build Thread and show your support!

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