TRUCKIN’ FAST Dueling PowerStroke Super Duty Pickups

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f250 versus f350 flt bed 600

This week’s Truckin’ Fast video features a pair of Super Duty pickups packing a built PowerStroke turbo diesel engine. The first – and one of the most unusual trucks I have seen drag racing – is an F-350 Crew Cab with a custom flatbed setup and enough work done to his PowerStroke engine to make some soot before the launch.

The second truck is an F-250 Extended Cab with a normal cargo box and a cap for superior aerodynamics  It also has a PowerStroke engine, but it appears to be near stock as there is not smoke pouring form the rear as it moves out.

The F-250 in the far lane gets out to an early lead with a better reaction time, but as the two trucks battle down the track, the F-350 in the near lane catches and passes the smaller truck before they get to the finish line.

In the end, the F-350 ran a 14.13 at 90 miles per hour while the F-250 ran a 14.42 at 92 miles per hour. Neither of these runs are near records – even for our Truckin’ Fast feature – but it is mighty impressive that these two big, hardworking pickups can roar through the quarter mile as quick as a stock Mustang from just a few years back.

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