Watch a Ranger Tear Up the Track at Tough Trucks!

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Ford Ranger Jumping at Tough Trucks

Competitions are oftentimes the best places to watch trucks race and jump. This is mainly because there is more freedom to let the rig fly on an enclosed track versus the open road where people, animals, and trees may suddenly appear in your path.

Not to mention that after a good day at an off road racing and jumping competition (such as Tough Trucks) you’ll have gained that solid coat of grime to protect the beautiful paint job on your Ford!

Even so, this Ford Ranger manages to remain relatively clean (and free of the awful dings) through the entirety of this course. Despite the truck being nicknamed the “Hillbilly Bigfoot,” this guy drives the machine more like a professional off-road race car driver rather than like the every-day redneck down the street.

Don’t believe it? Well, watch this green beauty leap, bounce, and skid its way through the course in solid confidence. He takes the first several jumps in a gleeful frenzy of all throttle and no brakes. He doesn’t quite land evenly after one, but the truck recovers nicely and the driver seems quite unfazed as he plows onward.

The next few jumps are simple and straightforward — though performed well — but the last jump is the kicker. The green machine roars over the edge of the steep jump and has no problem as it hits the dirt at the bottom, simply driving arrogantly away as his turn ends!

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