TRUCK PULLIN’ 2004 Ford F-350 Diesel in Action

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04 f350 pulling

This week’s Truck Pullin’ video features a 2004 Ford F-350 Super Duty in action while hooked to the pulling sled. According to the very brief description, this F-350 is powered by a “basically stock” 6.0L PowerStroke diesel, which allows this Super Duty pickup to quickly and easily cruise down the muddy track with the massive pulling sled in tow.

Now, “basically stock” is a matter of opinion and while we can see that this F-350 has big exhaust, the plume of diesel smoke leads me to believe that there is more than just exhaust work done to this Ford pickup. This same YouTube user has a video showing how his SCT tuner works, so I suspect that the truck in action is at least tuned – if not more.

However, all that matters is that this PowerStroke’d diesel F-350 blasted down the pulling course so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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