This 2000 F-150 SVT Lightning is a Tire Slayer

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There have been few trucks sold in America that offered better performance than the Ford F-150 SVT Lightning and today’s Tire Smoking video features one of those supercharged half ton pickups in the act of destroying the rear tires.

The burnout starts off a little on the soft side as the F-150 works to get the back tires smoking but once they get spinning hard – this Lightning really creates some serious smoke.

2000 svt f150 burnout ft 600After the bright red 2000 F-150 Lightning smokes the tires for about 45 seconds, we see the same burnout from another angle that better shows the monstrous plume of smoke created as the wind moves the smoke away from the back of the sporty Ford truck.

Based on how this Ford F-150 Lightning sounds, I would guess that it is stock or near stock as both the exhaust and the supercharger are both fairly quiet – but it still does one solid burnout that lasts almost a minute.

The F-150 Lightning might be one of the fastest trucks ever built, but the supercharged V8 makes for one awesome tire smoking machine. Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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