TIRE SMOKIN’ Lightning F-150 at Mustang Week

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mustangweek lightning f150 burnout

This week’s Tire Smokin’ Tuesday video comes to us from Mustang Week 2015, where a Ford SVT Lightning F-150 makes a memorable on-track appearance, putting together a stunning rolling burnout.

The vast majority of our Tire Smokin’ Tuesday videos show a Ford truck or SUV sitting still, smoking the tires for a bit before moving off into the distance as the burnout ends. In this video, the Lightning F-150 quickly begins to roll away from the camera (or more likely, a phone), but it continues to smoke the tires hard.

After the first few seconds of the burnout, we can no longer see the supercharger F-150, but we can still hear the roar of the SVT V8 for more than a minute as the truck slowly moves to the far end of the race track. We don’t have the best perspective for this F-150 burnout video, but due to the amazing distance of this burnout, it is well worth two minutes of your time.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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