Tire Smokin’ Tuesday: Classic F-100 Drifts in Norway

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This video is proof that Ford-loving Norwegians love tire-smoke shows just as much as Americans!

The vast majority of videos featured here on Ford Truck Enthusiasts show F-Series pickups, Rangers and Broncos strutting their stuff around the United States, because, well, most of them are made and sold in the US. However, some classic Ford trucks have been shipped to Europe, where owners have restored them in a way to best showcase America’s bestselling pickup.

Today’s “Tire Smokin’ Tuesday” video by Free2see features one such classic Ford pickup, which is taking part in a drifting exhibition in Norway. Based on the grille design and the location of the hood reflectors, it appears to be a 1968 F-100. Also, we can tell from the sound that this is a healthy V8 engine with far more gusto than a stock 1968 Ford pickup. It could be an era-correct engine with some work performed to it, or a late-model engine capable of doing some serious tire-roasting. But in any case, it sounds great and it does a fine job of roasting the rear tires.


It looks like this 1968 Ford F-100 could have put on a better show with a little more space, as we can see that the driver frequently runs out of room. But, in a market where classic Ford trucks are extremely rare – this old F-Series did a fine job at flexing its American muscles.

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