TIRE SMOKIN’ Epic One Tire Fire from a 5-Speed Ranger

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epic ranger burnout 600
While we generally feature a V8 or diesel powered F Series pickup doing a burnout on Tire Smokin’ Tuesday, this week we bring you what might be one of the most epic Ford Ranger burnouts I’ve ever seen.

This Ranger is a 4-cylinder, 5-speed model so with a quick lunge forward, the right rear tire gets to spinning in a hurry. This compact pickup only spins the one tire, but it spins it hard enough and long enough to create as much smoke as some of the best two-wheel burnouts online.

The description explains that the owner of this Ford Ranger has purchased new wheels and tires (which you can see on the front on the video), but before swapping on the new rear rims and tires, he decided to send the old tires off in the grandest fashion—a gigantic burnout.

About 25 seconds into the clip, there’s so much tire smoke we can no longer see the Ranger, but the cameraman does move to give us a better view through to the very end.

Spoiler alert: this burnout has an explosive finish so keep your speakers cranked up through the end.

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