A Ford Explorer Gets Some Serious Air

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Ford Explorer Jumps

The Ford Explorer is certainly an interesting model. Some people hate the truck and claim that it is a piece of junk whereas others will quickly jump to the defense of the somewhat-unappreciated vehicle.

Whether you would rather have an F-150 or wouldn’t give up your Explorer for the world, one thing that no one can deny is that the Ford Explorer can jump extremely well.

In the past we’ve seen an Explorer rediscover its relationship with gravity, fly above the competition, and leap on a monster truck track.

This Explorer certainly fits right in as it leaps a sand dune and gets some incredibly high air.

Though we don’t know what speed the Explorer actually hit the jump at, we’re sure it had to be pretty high to launch the way this guy does.

Amazingly, his landing is pretty solid — aside from losing one piece off his truck. The rig is still driving after the bound and the people gathered are cheering with excitement.

After all, it’s not every day you see a truck fly, especially as high as this one does. The truck doesn’t even seem phased by a bumpy landing, and a moment later it just cruises like nothing happened at all.

Check out the video below and sit back, relax, and enjoy. Though this might not be the smartest idea to do in your back yard, it’s wonderful to see what the Explorer is actually capable of!

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