This First-Generation Ford Bronco is a Cosmic Love Machine

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Dr. Garrett Reisman is no stranger to high mileage. He’s a former astronaut who’s been to the International Space Station – twice. In fact, he traveled nearly five million miles aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis to and from the site in 2010.

After Dr. Reisman met prospective Cal Tech graduate student Simone Francis while giving her a tour of the campus in 1996, a 1969 Ford Bronco with plenty of miles of its own ended up playing a major role in the couple’s relationship.


The two began spending more time together. When Francis enrolled at Cal Tech, she needed wheels. She and Dr. Reisman decided upon a 1969 Ford Bronco held together by duct tape. So was Dr. Reisman’s recently purchased 1975 International Harvester Scout II.

While overhauling the two trucks, the couple grew closer. Dr. Reisman, a mechanical engineer, showed Francis, an oceanographer, the ropes.

Eventually, the two married. Dr. Reisman came to discover just how much his wife learned from him: while he was training in Russia for his first space mission, she rebuilt her Bronco’s carburetor.

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via [The Wall Street Journal]

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