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Ford Launches New Ford Ranger at International Motor Expo 2011

Apparently one of you recently sacrificed the right object to the automotive gods because based on what we’re hearing today, the Ford Ranger is poised to make a comeback. The Blue Oval is currently in contract negotiations with the UAW and one of the areas of discussion is bringing back the Ranger. Finally, Ford is re-entering the midsize truck segment!


According to Automotive News, Ford is discussing with the UAW what will happen to the Michigan Assembly Plant after the Ford C-Max and Focus production is moved out of the country. Ford has said publicly that they don’t intend on shutting down or losing employees in Michigan, so something would have to come in and take the place of those vehicles.

The apparent rumor is, it’s going to be the Ranger.

Bangkok Motor Expo 2011

Automotive News cites a source in the know that the Ranger is back on the table. We have long believed that there’s an opening in the marketplace for the Ranger to come back and play in. With the Tacoma only being lightly refreshed, Ford would have an opportunity.

Production in the United States is key to selling the Ranger here. Otherwise, it’d be subjected to the Chicken Tax which has long plagued automakers in bringing trucks here to sell.

What do you think? Are the rumors true? Are we getting a new Ford Ranger? Let us know in the forums!

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