The Ford Bronco Might Buckin’ Return!

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It’s UAW contract negotiation time in Detroit, and when you get that many people involved, there’s bound to be leaks and rumors. In order for there to be future jobs, there needs to be future vehicles. In addition to the Ford Ranger possibly being slated for a return to production, there’s a possibility that the Bronco is also finally coming back.

Earlier this year, Ford trademarked the name Bronco and that caused a resurgence of rumors relating to the SUV’s return. Now, according to Automotive News, the Bronco might be back on the table as well.

We suspect a modern-day Bronco would look a lot different from the Broncos of old, but with the Jeep line being such a hot segment right now, it’d make a certain amount of good business sense for Ford to try to get a piece of the action. The Wrangler is virtually unchallenged in the automotive landscape, and the upcoming Raptor isn’t really that close of a competitor (except maybe at Mall Crawling).

Automotive News believes it could be based on the recently redesigned Ford Everest, which is surprisingly built on the Ranger platform. If the Ranger is to return, it wouldn’t be too difficult to imagine that the Bronco could follow suit.

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