The Ford Mustang is Stig-Approved

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According to Ford, “The all-new Ford Mustang is now on sale across Europe for the first time in more than 50 years in fastback and convertible bodystyles.” In other words: Our friends across the pond have been waiting a long time to enjoy what we’ve been able to drive, race, and burn out in for decades. When the new S550 Mustang became available for ordering in Europe in January, eager customers-to-be wasted no time in putting their names on the list. Since then, 10,000 orders have been logged.

More than 2,100 of those are from the UK. “Ben Collins: Stunt Driver,” out on DVD and Blu-Ray today, should increase that number substantially.

Using his experience in Le Mans, as a wheelman on the most recent James Bond movies, and as The Stig for eight years on “Top Gear,” Collins put a new Mustang GT (Brits also get the EcoBoost model) through a variety of challenges that involved explosions and high-speed maneuvers.

As we all know, Collins wasn’t the first to use a Mustang for such antics. Over the years, it’s appeared in movies more than 3,700 times. Two of those immediately come to mind:

However, in his new release, Collins comes right out and calls the Mustang the ultimate stunt car. I call it the reason why every police department in England is looking forward to more ticket-related revenue after today.

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