Muddy Monday: Stretched Ford Ranger Dives Deep

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No, that’s not an F-150 with a Ranger front end. It’s by far the longest midsize pickup we’ve ever witnessed!

The vast majority of the Ford trucks we feature on “Muddy Monday” are heavily modified. Typically this is so they can battle the deepest pits and the thickest mud. This week’s featured pickup features the normal mud-friendly modifications, but it also has a stretched wheelbase. This happens to make it the craziest Ford Ranger we’ve ever seen!

The video by CarWarz starts off with the lifted Ford Ranger easing into the pit at the Walton’s Mud Bog in Ontario, Canada. The mighty midsize pickup rides on tall, thin tractor tires and has a large hood scoop to feed what sounds like a powerful V8. Just in case, the undercarriage sports a rubber flap to protect it when storming through the deep mud, which can sometimes hide dangerous rocks, roots and other things.


As soon as the Ranger enters the mud, the slop rises up to the grille of the ’90s pickup, but it pushes through the deep part of the pit and cruises past the camera and onto dry land.

This Ford Ranger has an extremely long wheelbase. It’s possible that it rides on the chassis of an F-150 or even larger pickup. To make the body fit properly, the cab has been elongated between the front doors and the short cargo box. The Ranger also has a roll bar, a single exhaust stack and a cooling system in the bed. Of course, it’s the odd cab that makes this the most unique “compact” Ford truck we have ever seen.

Furthermore, this footage proves that the extra cab space doesn’t hamper its ability to conquer the mud. Enjoy the show!

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